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Research the CO2 Production of a car

How do we use social media and in what ways? Join us in the Online Lab for Digital Cultural Education to explore postings, tweets, Instagram stories and YouTube videos! The focus is on the joint exchange of experiences based on creative work assignments to make the diverse possibilities in dealing with social media visible.

Main Idea

CreatorAnnika Nowak & Jan Pawlowski
SubjectComputer Science & Data Science
Length60 minutes & longterm
Pedagogical ApproachSelf learning
CompetenciesData collection
Data handling
Using digital tools
Data analysis and interpretation
Link to the worksheethttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1tGBisSxGG6tiyu6hvxh2Q7FD_Osb4ZVGRIJjlEVydU4/edit?usp=sharing (Learning scenario 12)

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