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The main goal of FabCitzen is to provide schools, especially teachers, parents, and students, with the opportunity to participate in high-quality Citizen Science projects in both school and out-of-school contexts. Citizen Science (CS) has attracted much interest in recent years. The main goal is to involve citizens in different types of science projects, especially to 1) improve engagement and 2) increase research capacity, e.g., through collaborative data collection. Many projects have integrated a citizen science approach. While citizen science works well for educational purposes (e.g., in inquiry-based science education), the uptake of CS at the scientific level is low to questionable. Although the European Association for Citizen Science has clear guidelines and support mechanisms, many CS projects are not taken seriously. This is the main starting point for the FabCitizen project: we want to provide tools to increase the quality of CS projects, especially in schools. To this end, we will include FabLabs as the most important educational environment, as they can provide both technological and methodological expertise.

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New Learning Scenarios

We also test the learning scenarios developed on the basis of the competency framework in practice. To this end, we conduct exciting vacation courses and project days.

Enjoy exploring Citizen Science!