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Project results

Outcome 1


  • Creating an initial plan for requirements / needs study 
  • Brief introduction to current status of CS for schools
  • Literature on needs and barriers and benefits
  • Interview / workshop guideline on needs, barriers and interventions


  • Organizing teacher meetings
  • Analyzing curricula
  • Finding training materials 
  • Performing 10 interviews per partner

Outcome 2


  • Review on pedagogic approaches to CS
  • describing pedagogical and didactic assumptions and principles
  • Learning Scenarios including 
    • CS core competencies
    • provide a value to societal changes
    • are accurate regarding data handling

O2.2 / 2.3   

Review on competency / skill frameworks 

  • Skill frameworks for schools
  • Competency description scheme (O2.3)
  • Initial framework
  • Evaluation scheme for expert review

[…] The other outcomes will be listed soon […]