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Sensebox 08: Analysing the data from the senseBox

Sensebox 8 – Analyse the data from the SenseBox
With the SenseBox, citizens, e.g. schoolchildren, can measure environmental data on climate, air quality, traffic volume, noise pollution and much more on a location-specific basis and thus contribute to more accurate statements about local environmental phenomena. In a previous step, the children transfer the data into the openSenseMap. In this learning scenario, the aim is to retrieve data from a senseBox from the opensenseMap. Data from a specific time period and from different sensors can be downloaded. Furthermore, it is possible to retrieve the measurement data of the senseBox via the opensensemap API. For this purpose, the programme “Postman” is used to retrieve the data via the API. So, two possibilities are presented how to access the data of the senseBox on the opensensemap: The csv or the JSON file is to be extracted and evaluated in Excel. Furthermore, the learning scenario also includes a first simple data analysis with statistical tools such as mean, minimum and maximum. The data analysis should be guided by the research questions proposed in the previous learning scenario.

AuthorsAnnika Nowak & Jan Pawlowski
SubjectsInformatik & Physik & Mathematik
Durance120 minutes
Pedagogical approachExplorative approach
CompetenciesData transformation (e.g. data conversion and different data formats)
Evaluation of data
Handling data (e.g. data in different data formats)
Data analysis
Link zu den ArbeitsblätternArbeitsblatt A
Arbeitsblatt B
Lernszenario 23

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