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Autumn course – create your own CO2 traffic light

In the three-day vacation course “Become a researcher – build a CO2 traffic light with the senseBox”, 9 students built a CO2 traffic light and got to know the senseBox and microcontrollers. It started with playful activities to learn how to program the senseBox and to dive into the world of researchers.

The course developed a measuring station that can be used to measure data on air pressure, air quality and temperature. Together, the students immersed themselves in the world of researchers and formulated research questions, which they answered with the help of the measuring station and the CO2 traffic light. At the same time, the students got an impression of how microcontrollers work, how to connect sensors (e.g. the CO2 sensor or the fine dust sensor) and how to analyze the resulting data. 

After the students successfully programmed and set up the senseBox, various measurements were taken around the HRW. Afterwards, the data was loaded from the senseBox, cleaned ,analyzed and the results were presented in plenary. In addition, the data was sent to opensensemap so that students can also retrieve the data from their cell phones.

At the end of the vacation course there was a certificate of participation and a small gift.

Getting to know the sensors of the sensBox
Programming with the senseBox
Certificate handover

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