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Accelerometer and gravity force (Part 1)

In this scenario we examine the relationship between the sensor called “Accelerometer”, used to measure  linear speed variations in the 3 directions of space, and the “Gravimeter”, used to evaluate the 3 components of the G-force.

This experience is designed to let students understand the functioning of two important sensors used to analyze movement, such as the accelerometer and the gravity sensor.

Main Idea

CreatorFederica Fiorio, Francesco Fieni, Nicola Parisi
SubjectPhysics, technology, IT
Length120 minutes
Pedagogical ApproachExplorative approach
CompetenciesScientific investigation, IT competencies, Data Collection, Conversion and Analysis.
Link to the worksheetEnglish: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d0N60M3CIJn-3mim9YLEIFNTz3-mfwFrtEhNrx9gUCY/edit?usp=sharing
Italian: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jCWrzUAL5cyKfMdC4oChJ0gTmTvoT3l3H0aT-NUfqXY/edit?usp=sharing

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