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QR code: what is it and how to create one

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode, i.e. a matrix code, composed of black modules arranged within a white square pattern, typically used to store information intended to be read by a special optical reader or even smartphone.

Thanks to QR codes it is possible to spread useful information in an optimized way, simply by framing them. QR codes are interesting for this scenario because they do not require a special optical reader to be used, but only a simple smartphone. In the scenario it will be shown how to realize QR codes, how much information they can transmit and how.

Main Idea

CreatorFederica Fiorio, Francesco Fieni, Nicola Parisi
SubjectTechnology, IT
Length120 minutes
Pedagogical ApproachExplorative approach
CompetenciesScientific investigation, IT competencies, Data Collection, Conversion and Analysis.
Link to the worksheetEnglish:

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