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Virtual and augmented reality

The future of information fruition is immersive. The battle with the dimensional constraints of a display is about to see a winner who will allow, in a not too far future, to break down these limits, permitting total immersion in information. These new technologies, virtual and augmented reality, can and must also be used in the cultural heritage field. For this reason, it is important that their functioning and potential are well understood.

The educational experience involves students coming into contact with these technologies, exploring their application fields, and understanding the mechanisms behind their operation.

Main Idea

CreatorFederica Fiorio, Francesco Fieni, Nicola Parisi
SubjectTechnology, IT
Length120 minutes
Pedagogical ApproachExplorative approach
CompetenciesScientific investigation, IT competencies, Data Collection, Conversion and Analysis.
Link to the worksheetEnglish:

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