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How well does speech recognition work? – Part 2

This learning scenario builds on the previous learning scenario. Now the collected data is loaded into a data analysis tool, such as Excel. In the next step, the students analyse the data to see if there are differences in quality and what kind of voices (gender, age, height of voice) are recognised better or worse.

CreatorAnnika Nowak
SubjectComputer Science & Physics
Length60 minutes
Pedagogical ApproachExplorative learning
Competencies from the framework

Additional competencies
Data management competency
IT competency
Scientific investigation cycle
Data analysis
Link to the worksheet

Learning Activities

LA1: OrientationIn the first phase, the students familiarize themselves with the Excel program. They open the program and get to know the first functionalities.
LA2: Download data seriesStudents load the measured data series into Excel.
LA3: Analyze data seriesStudents are given a data series and perform calculations based on that data series.
LA4: Interpret data seriesIn the penultimate step, students interpret the results and draw conclusions based on them.
LA5: Presentation Students present the results of their analyses in plenary.

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