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AppInventor 04: Teachable machine

The basic idea of the Teachable Machine is to teach the program or computer to recognize certain images, sounds and visual material. As part of the worksheet, images are captured and classified using the Look Extension. Afterwards, students can try Google’s Teachable Machine and train their own model.

Main Idea

CreatorJan Pawlowski
Annika Nowak
Content area 2 (algorithms)
Modify programs
Students recognize that machines do not have intelligence of their own, but that the control of computer systems, up to and including “artificial intelligence” systems, is based on algorithms designed by humans.
Design of algorithms using the variable concept and control structures (MI).
Higher-level competence requirements (reasoning)
explain and evaluate computer modeling, computer programs and computer systems
Length30 minutes
Pedagogical ApproachExplorative approach
CompetenciesUnderstanding artificial intelligence
Importing extensions into a program
Use logic in programs
UI design 
GradesFrom grade 5-9
Link to the worksheet

Worksheet (English): Teachable Machine Worksheet 
Worksheet (german): Worksheet Teachable Machine 
Android tablets and a tablet pen
MIT Appinventor 

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