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Early Warning Systems and Seismic Wave Processing with Python

Earthquakes are natural phenomena that cause awe but most importantly, many disasters at the same time. That is the reason why the science of seismology is very important, and its systematic study may possibly develop methods so that earthquakes can be predicted or more precisely to be warned in time.

This is a scenario (40 hrs of duation) composing of the following ones:

Earthquake Early Warning Systems and Seismic Waves signal processing with Python
Natural Disasters and Disaster Risk Management
Natural Disasters monitoring
Natural Disasters impact
Natural Disasters mitigation
Natural Disasters mitigation – Activity
What is Citizen Science and Disaster Citizen Science?
Seismology overview – Historic events
Terminology and types of faults
Seismic Waves
Hypocenter and Epicenter
Epicenter – Epicenter activity
Earthquakes and Early Warning Systems (Alarm time)
Earthquakes and Early Warning Systems – Seismographs
Earthquakes and Early Warning Systems – Game
A test upon a real case study
Earthquakes and Early Warning Systems – Steps
Coding an Early Warning System

You may find below all supportive materials for the implementation (presentation, notes for the teacher and worksheet/guidelines for the students)

CreatorLoukas Katikas

Geophysics, Physics, Mathematics, Geography – Geosciences, Programming, Technology
Pedagogical Approach(Citizen Science) Problem Based Learning
CompetenciesDescribe the kinds of seismic waves, 
Understand about signal processing and noise filtering, 
Explain how early warning systems work, 
Design an early warning system based on historical earthquake data.
Grades 09-12 Upper secondary school
Link to the worksheet
Teacher’s Guide
Student’s Template

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