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How to Identify Trolls on Social Media?

As useful a tool as the internet is, it comes with evident shortcomings. Apart from security issues (for both adults and kids, students), the rise of platforms like social media presents the digital space as a kind of information warzone.

It’s easy for the lines to be blurred: between perception and reality, genuine interaction and manufactured commentary, real users and trolls. All these can pose a real danger, which is why it’s incredibly important for internet users to be vigilant and careful.

Trolls can be found almost anywhere there is social interaction: forums, public group chats, blog comment sections, and, of course, social media channels.

Main Idea

CreatorGintarė Gulevičiūtė
SubjectInformation Technology, Literacy, Science, Privacy
Length 60 minutes
Pedagogical ApproachExplorative learning approach
CompetenciesDeveloping source criticism skills, scientific literacy
Grades 8-12
Link to the worksheetEnglish:

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