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How to tell if e-shop is legit?

Internet has eased the way we lead our lives. However, it has also made us susceptible to the dangers of the digital world. Now, more than ever, not only can we buy our groceries online, but we also run the risk of falling prey to a web of intricately woven scams and lies — all from the comfort of our couches. This is why every one of us needs to know how to tell if a website is legit.

Students are actively using e-shopping, so this topic is important to analyze in order to be safe online when buying.

Main Idea

CreatorGintarė Gulevičiūtė
SubjectInformation Technology, Literacy, Science, Privacy
Length 60 minutes
Pedagogical ApproachExplorative learning approach
CompetenciesDeveloping source criticism skills, scientific literacy
Grades 8-12
Link to the worksheetEnglish:

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